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How Long Will My Bankruptcy Take

Generally, a simple, no-asset Chapter 7 bankruptcy case will last about 4 months from filing to discharge. A no-asset case is one in which all assets of the debtor are exempt.

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Instructions for your Chapter 7 Case

The Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is basically set up to force your creditors, whether a mortgage company, taxing authority or credit card company, to stop their debt collection efforts.

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36 Things Not to Do when Preparing to File a Chapter 7

1) Don't use your credit cards after you've met with your bankruptcy attorney.

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Foreclosure and the CASH FOR KEYS Incentive

If, after making efforts to save your house, it appears inevitable that you may lose it to foreclosure, you should be prepared to pay the costs associated with moving and renting a new home.

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List of Commonly Forgotten Assets

In your bankruptcy petition, you must list ALL of your assets -- even if the asset is not in your possession, even if you don't want to keep it, even if the value is unknown, contingent, or has little value.

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